1960's Model 3-7" Fighter


Rare fighting knife configuration!!

Product Details

Outstanding Model 3-7" fighter here. Knives like this are difficult to come by to say the least. Every once in awhile a fellow would order a "hunting/field" knife in fighter configuration. This practice started in WWII, and carried thru to the Korean War, and the Viet Nam War. Very, very small percentage of production of all periods were like this.

This example from the heart of the Viet Nam War period, was obviously ordered with that in mind, set up as a fighter with a double Nickel Silver hilt.

Seven spacers of the period highlight a beautiful stag handle that has a little meat to it.

The Johnson rough back sheath appears to have barely had the knife in it, maybe only to set the snap.

The knife and sheath combo are in near mint condition.