Circa 1959 Alaskan Skinner Rare Sheath


Outstanding example of the Model 11 in an extremely rare sheath that is a window in the transition between Heiser/HKL and Maurice Johnson

Product Details

Excellent condition (unused) 5" Alaskan Skinner in standard configuration. This model is the original drop point hunter. Some give that credit to Bob Loveless, but that is inaccurate. In fact, this is the model Loveliess copied when he made his first knives.

This knife was ordered without the thumb notches, which comes standard on this model. Some folks consider them too rough I suppose.

Really unique with this knife is the Heiser/HKL sheath. It is void of any logo stamping. The sheath was made not long after the third sale of H.H. Heiser in the late 1950's. You can read about it on this site under "The Randall Collector Page" in an article titled "A Johnson Sheath Footnote Part III" for more information. My take is this sheath made it out prior to HKL receiving the RMK stamp.

In any event, this is a special example of one of the foundational knives of the Randall Made line.