Extremely Rare Circa 1953 Ivory Bowie Set


One of a kind set for the high end collector. One of the earliest sets I have seen and a steal at this price!!

Product Details

This Smithsonian Bowie and Arkansas Toothpick set pre-dates the Faisal sets we so often hear about. I Estimate this set was near the beginning of sets and Toothpick production, probably mid 1953. It has beautiful ivory, with the only light crack in the Toothpick on the reverse side of the knife.

The Smitty is a brass-back, and both blades are chromed for display.

Concave handle shape, with rectilinear nickel silver escutcheon plates.

Leather washers separate the collar and coolie cap from the ivory.

The fluted collar and coolie cap are crudely done as we have come to expect from the period, and truly give us a window into the very early 1950's showcasing new models. It makes these knives look as though they could be from the middle to late 1800's.

The most unique feature is lug-less hilts. I do not recall ever seeing this on Bowies of an early vintage. A really nice look that sets these knives apart from others.

The Smitty is in an excellent H.H. Heiser sheath, while the Toothpick is in a Clarence Moore sheath.

This is as good as it gets in early Bowies.