Westinghouse Ivorite Model 1-7 Beautiful


Beautiful Old Yeller Westinghouse Ivorite Model 1 circa late 70's

Product Details

Really nice one here. Near mint example with awesome blade.

Optioned with Nickel Silver hilt, thong, and of course the Westinghouse Micarta, second only to brown micarta for collectibility.

Handle is beautifully shaped and feels great in the hand.

Thick center spacer arrangement, which puts this piece in the late 70's to early 80's time frame. Original stone is unmarked, so I will go with the earlier late 70's.

The Johnson rough back tight stitch sheath is in beautiful condition showing little to no signs of, well, much of anything. Barely looks like the knife has ever been in it save for the slightest indent from the hilt at the throat. Perhaps only from fitting the keeper snap.

This is good one.