"Tom Leschorn" 3-5" Pinned Butt


Nice Model 3-5"

Product Details

While not one of Leschorn's heavily adorned knives, this little model 3-5" is typical of knives of he would handle. Bo Randall would send Mr. Leschorn blades with the hilt soldered on, and Tom would assemble them with spacers and handle material of his choice. Most of these knives were unsigned, so it is not always 100% certain, but generally you can tell one of his pieces versus a shop piece.

The blade is mint and this particular knife has the characteristic 5 medium thick spacer stack and happens to be red and white. His other common stack was blue/grey and white. It must be noted, that Gail White, another "authorized" Randall customizer, and the Randall shop also used similar spacer arrangements.

The knife has a maroon micarta handle.

The brass butt in pinned. Leschorn is known to have pinned the butts on many of his knives versus using a tang nut. Note also the slight bevel to the brass butt - top to bottom - versus what would typically come from the Randall Shop, which also lends me to believe it is TL's work.

The Johnson rough back sheath is in excellent condition showing light evidence of the knife being in the sheath and handling. It does not appear it was stored in the sheath.

An SP-13 Bear Brand stone resides in the pouch.

Great opportunity to get into a Tom Leschorn knife in overall near mint conditon without the very high prices usually associated with his heavily adorned pieces.