The Randall Collector

Brown Micarta

Brown micarta is probably the least understood of Randall factory supplied production handle materials and ranks at the top of the list in rarity. Notice I said “production” handle material, as there is some rare one-of-a kind type handles. The brown micarta I am referring to for the purpose of this article is the...

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Who Made It?

Fellow collector and longtime Randall knife enthusiast Chuck Shipman sent me some photos of an interesting Model 1-6 he picked up not too long ago. The knife itself was a nice model 1 in standard configuration and in very good condition, but the...

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Von Lengerke & Antoine Randall Sheaths

I have had this article on the back burner for some time now for a reason I will address later in the article, but with the chatter within the last year about WWII vintage Randall fighters possibly being delivered in something other than a C.J. Moore, H.H. Heiser, or Southern Saddlery sheaths, I decided to...

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