Knives Of Collector Interest

Unusual "Tenite" Model 14

There has on occasion been discussion on whether a model 14 in standard configuration - extended tang - could be had in wood. The answer has been no, at least as far as recent memory can recall. RMK will not currently make one and has not...

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Bait Knife?

Several months ago I had the privilege of acquiring a very interesting Randall made in the 1950’s. This particular item was something I had never seen before out of the Randall shop. Being from the later 1950’s doesn’t set it ...

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Owen Perron’s Brown Micarta Model 14

Owen Perron spent some time as an advisor early in the Viet Nam war. He carried a brown micarta model 14 with filled screw holes. This is a very rare knife in it’s own right, but the provenance hits it out of the...

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