1940's Wide Blade Model 4-7


A spectacular example of the knife maker's art, and a testimony to Bo Randall as the greatest American knife maker.

Product Details

Circa1946-48 Wide blade model 4-7 that is phenomenal. The blade is mint save for the slightest evidence of sharpening tantamount to one pass on a stone.

Note the blade flat runs out almost to the point like a WWII knife style grind. Also note the depth of the edge bevel from the flat down to the edge, a departure from what we would consider "standard" width for this model.

Single brass guard of the day and what was now a standard seven spacer stack on non-leither handles.

The stag finger grip handle has the deep finger grooves of the period with a obvious separation of the grooves. The butt end has the nice chamfer, a nice touch that disappeared shortly after.

The right hand Heiser riveted sheath is outstanding.