Circa 70-71 Model 5-6" Separate "S" Saw Teeth


The Perfect Model 5 Here. Outstanding example of one of the all around finest general purpose utility knives ever made.

Product Details

Circa 1970-71 Modle 5-6" in near mint condition.

Named six inch separate "S" stainless steel blade.

The uncommon option of saw teeth was ordered on this knife, usually only found on fighting and survival models in the Randall line.

Hand cut thumb notches on the spine in front of the brass hilt.

Seven spacer stack of the period and and what appears to be a lignum vitae handle. it is extremely hard and dense.

Shop done chamfered thong hole with correct gold paracord.

Jonhson rough back sheath with a white SP-13 Bear Brand stone round out the package.