2-5" MACV-SOG with Provenance


Super cool 2-5 carried by a MACV-SOG trooper. This may be the hardest to find out of the Viet Nam war period.

Product Details

This knife was part of a five knife set belonging to the trooper named on the blade. The other four were a 1-6 and 1-7, and a 18-7 1/2 and 18-5 1/2. All were in split back sheaths.

This was his "back up" knife. Nice condition with nickel silver hilt, thong, and black sheath are the options. This wasn't meant to be a letter opener.

The black Johnson sheath shows some early stitching that I have only seen on a few examples.

The trooper is listed in the book "Who's Who from MACV-SOG", the definitive book on the subject.

The patch is original made in Viet Nam and nice in its own right.