Brown Micarta "SS" Stamped 2-8 With Provenance


Extremely rare double SS stamped 2-8 with outstanding provenance to include DD214, beret, and PHOTOS!! Note that the knife is visible on the belt of the trooper in all three photos!!!

Product Details

Circa 1964 model 2-8" in unused condition. Very, very slight forging flaw on reverse of blade by the ricasso. This knife is a killer!

The sheath shows carry, as you can see the knife on his belt in all three photos. Troopers name is in ink on the back of the sheath with service number, and the letter "T" is in in on the front.

Carried by a Special Forces trooper in 8th Group, he trained Bolivian commandos for the hunt of Che Guevara. The photos show him active in that capacity.

Original beret with correct flash showing wear, and troopers name on a tape in the beret.

Included is a copy of his DD214 with service record, at least the portion that was disclosable. I believe the hunt for Guevara was a CIA operation and was therefore classified.

Lastly are three black and with photos of the trooper with the Bolivian commandos in teaching settings. The knife is visible in all three photos!

Doesn't get any better.