Circa 1948 Pinned Stag Model 2-7"


Cool 1940's Model 2 in Excellent Condition

Product Details

For your consideration is one of the neatest 1940's fighting knives I have seen.

This 7" Model 2 has a full wide blade reminiscent of a WWII Model 2 blade grind, being fuller towards tip style of grind that all but disappeared in the late 40' to early 50's. Fighting knives from the mid to late 1940's are uncommon relative to hunting models that most folks went to post WWII and in to the Korean War period.

The blade appears to be unsharpened, but does exhibit some light scratches in the right light, probably from handling more than any real use. It has two very, very tiny spots that are barely noticeable. The kicker is an OLD bluing job presumably done by the original owner. To me, this adds volumes to the intent of the use of the knife. It could be said the knife was carried in some theater of combat, i.e. Korea, but I have no evidence of such. The bluing is relatively light to medium, and looks darker in the photos than it actually is. This is the second Model 2 I have had in 20+ years from the period that is blued

The classic 1940's stag handle is in beautiful condition with the chamfered butt you find from this era. The nickel silver hilt is a good size, and a new offering from Randall Made Knives around this time. The pin matches the NS hilt.

The riveted Heiser sheath is excellent with little signs of carry, if any. On the back of the sheath are the desirable "cornrows" and the small bar Heiser logo. A really nice Heiser riveted sheath.

The stone is a soft Arkansas with the sticker intact, and unused.

Overall, it would be hard to improve upon, especially if you like knives with character.