Circa 1948 Broad Blade Model 2-8" Stag "Trench Knife" Finger Grips! Smokin!


Super rare with stag, finger grips, and a huge blade!!!!

Product Details

This is a magnificent Model 2 from the late 1940's. Fighters from this period are extremely rare, as post WWII, folks were buying field knives for the most part up until the Korean War. Even then, many carried field knives in Korea.

The blade is a bit shy of 8 1/2" long and a full 1 3/8" wide! Reminecent of a WWII wide blade fighter, the blade is truly impressive. It is the only one from this period I have seen.

A recently introduced nickel silver hilt adorns this knife butting up to a seven spacer stack.

Beautiful deep finger grip stag handle of the period. Highly unusual on a Model 2. I think I have seen maybe one other, possibly two. The stag from this period seems to be of exceptional quality on the knives I have seen, and this one doesn't disappoint. The finger grips are deep, as was common at that time.

Has an optional Duralumin butt cap drilled for thong with original leather. Washer and brass nut.

Period sheath is a 1940's vintage Marble's style as was supplied by VL&A with Randall knives sold from the store during the war. Is it possible that the knife could have come with this type of sheath? It certainly is possible, as VL&A remained a retail outlet for a time post-war, but no way to prove it. In any case, it fits the knife like a glove.

The knife shows light use and carry, I assume in Korea? Hard to say, but blade is 100% full with no issues at all.

Simply an exquisite and rare 1940's model 2 "Trench Knife" that it is unlikely you will see another with the oversized blade and stag finger grips.