Circa 1970 1-7" Heavily Optioned


This knife is a killer.

Product Details

Outstanding Viet Nam War era 1-7" with all you would want for options and exactly what I would order.

1) Stainless steel blade

2) Saw Teeth

3) Nickle Silver Hilt

4) **Thumb Notches** - what?

5) Black Micarta

6) Finger Grips

7) Duralumin Butt Cap

8) Thong

Need I say more?

Not 100% certain if this is a separate "S" stamp or a first inclusive "S" stamp.

Seven spacer stack of the day and a gold paracord thong.

Has a four digit number shop etched on the revers which appears to be the last four digits of a social security number.

Condition is near mint.