Rare - Early Astro in Johnson Double Brown Button Sheath - Rare


This is a very early Orlando forged Astra in a double brown button sheath. Rarest of all.

Product Details

Very early Astro in excellent plus condition. Few very minor nicks you can see in the right light.

This is the only rare Astro I know of documented to come without scales. This is reportedly the way Alan Shepard carried his on his first flight. The knife came from the family of the original owner.

The blade is the same Orlando forged blade shape as the original 7 that went to the astronauts. The only earlier Astro would be a Solingen blade that went to NASA.

This is only the second I recall seeing in a double brown button Johnson spit back sheath. So this one was delivered late 1962 most likely, near the beginning of the Mercury program, and prior to the model being made available to the public.

It is a nice one, rare as hen's teeth, and highly collectible. I am including the Lucite paperweight that came with the knife.