Early Solingen Model 18 Crutchtip Huge Guard


Beautiful and early example of a Solingen blade Model 18 crutch tip.

Product Details

Great one here. I put it around 1966-67.

I don't have any documentation, but was told it belonged to a Huey gunship officer/crewman. The 7 1/4" Solingen 01 steel blade is 100% full showing light use and carry, a great patina. Exactly what you might expect from perhaps a pilot or door gunner.

The tang comes up about halfway in the pinched tube handle, so pretty early.

What is really striking is the size of the huge hilt, a full 3 1/4", a holdover from the earliest examples before the size was reduce a bit.

The Johnson riveted sheath is in excellent condition for a carried item. Everything works as it should, and it has a slightly used combination crystolon stone.

Like I said, no provenance, but I would wager this knife was "in country".

**Note: patch is for display only and not included with knife purchase.