Low "S" Model 16 "Special" Fighter


The Original Special Fighter!

Product Details

Really nice circa 1964-65 Model 16 set up as a fighter with a double hilt. A light weight Model 14 if you will. This is what I would order if needed.

The blade is in near excellent condition with only the slightest sign on a few light scratches probably from some grit in the sheath. The Low "S" stamp is clearly visible and crisp.

Optional saw teeth run a full 3 5/8" of the blade, basically from the clip to the logo.

Standard #1 style double hilt mated to an early "veined green" (as Bo called it) black micarta and an unlined thong hole with lanyard.

Sheath is near perfect with a slight indent at the throat from the hilt of the blade.

Beautiful and rare knife.