Stellar 50's 2-8 Stag Named To US Navy Sailor Heiser Sheath


Super named piece with the service branch - USN - etched also. Don't see them like this.

Product Details

This outstanding model 2-8" is a super knife. It is in near mint condition.

The blade is typical for the period with the narrow choil and exhibits the small Randall stamp which is bit unusual as Randall had transitioned to the large stamp on model 2's years earlier. I suspect the small stamp was better suited with this narrow coil style blade grind.

The condition of the blade is near mint with maybe the slightest of a couple of sheath marks but you would be hard pressed to find them. Original final finish on the blade.

The blade is name etched and is also etched USN, the branch in the US Armed Forces the owner served.

The handle is a beautiful piece of stag with great color and bark, and is a perfect fit in the hand. Topped by a duralumin butt cap and a stainless acorn nut.

The handle keeper Heiser sheath is in excellent condition showing signs of handling but not any use with some slight indents in the leather as though it may have been in a duffle bag. The rear of the sheath has the ubiquitous "corn rows" (light) common at the time from H.H. Heiser Saddlery. Snaps are excellent work well with no issues.

The correct stone is in the pouch as received.

This is one of the finest Model 2's I have run across, ever, and quite a handsome knife with great etching on the blade. Impossible to improve upon and a rare find.