Model 1-6 Late 1960's Stainless


Outstanding example of a model 1-6 from the heart of US involvment in the Viet Nam war. The 1-6 is uncommon relative to the 1-7 and 1-8.

This stainless blade has original grind and polish from the Randall shop.

Three thick two thin spacer arrangement butts up to the brass double hilt.

The leather handle has a slight drop as was often seen during this period.

Duralumin butt and stainless nutt top off the package.

The Maurice Johnson sheath is near mint showing only slight evidence at the throat of the knife being in the sheath. The leather is unused with the nape on the rear showing no evidence of use or even storage.

Correct yellow print combination crystolon stone.

Overall a really nice and uncommon 1-6 with a stainless steel blade for the collector in the tradition of what Bo Randall first envisioned as a fighting knife in the early 1940's.

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