Model 1-7" Westinghouse Ivorite Nickel Silver Hilt


Beautiful 1-7" with Westinghouse Micarta handle form the original owner!

Product Details

This knife was purchased in 1984, end of the tick center spacer period, and is in near mint condition. The original owner never sharpened, used, or apparently did anything but stick it in a drawer.

The blade is on the broader side which you found during this period.

Nice wide Nickel Silver hilt is optioned on this one.

Thick center spacer stack at the hilt, and as mentioned, one from the tale end of this style used by the shop.

The Westinhouse micarta handle has mellowed to a very nice color as we often find with this material.

Topped off with a duralumin butt, another option.

The Maurice Johnson sheath is unused and only shows light signs of the knife in the sheath, with a small indent for about 3/4" at the throat from the hilt.

This one is a winner.