Model 1-8 Double "S" Stamped


Super rare "SS" stamped 1-8

Product Details

Have a really neat Randall here. All have heard of the rarity of these knives, only made for a short window of time in 1963.

This knife belonged to a Viet Nam vet but I do not think it ever saw any service. It came from his step-son. Apparently the vet served in the Coast Guard, so the may explain the lack of any use being on a ship.

The only thing was the vet did a poor job of sharpening by laying the knife flat on a stone. Perhaps I should sat "attempt" at sharpening. Must have been bored on the ship. I generally do not have blades refinished and this particularly holds true if it has signs of honest carry and age patina. This was neither, and I made the decision to have the shop re-polish the blade. Not reground, re-polished, the bare minimum. Basically removed the unsightly signs of a poor attempt at sharpening. The shop was cognizant of the significance of the knife and were very careful with the work. In any case, it s a beautiful piece.

That being said, this is a stellar example of a super rare "SS" stamped model 1.

Sheath and stone are unused.