Historical Model 1 Springfield Pattern Knife


This is a very special and historically significant knife, the knife that Bo Randall sent to Bill Larsen in 1943 as a pattern for the Springfield Randall. It is in near pristine condition. Please read article on page 4 of "Knives of Collector Interest" that describes the original acquisition from Larsen's daughter and son-in-law.

Documented and authenticated

None better than this

Product Details

The knife is in near mint condition with only having been lightly sharpened one time. This knife is almost out of a time machine with the handle, hilt, butt cap, and wrist thong like like new.

The sheath is the nicest example of a Southern Saddlery I have seen, with the influence of Clarence Moore on full display.

Obviously the Larsen family took great pride in their association with Bo and Randall Made Knives, and the preservation of this gift is direct evidence of it.