Ultra Rare Model 14 "S" Guard Westinghouse Ivorite


An unbelievable model 14 from the early 1980's. The finest "S" guard knife from this period, the end of an era.

Product Details

Where do I start with this one? It is another example of the shop experimenting with "customs" during the late 70's early-mid 1980's, the last of an era.

Stainless steel blade with teeth, sporting a 14 grind (like a large model 5 grind) not the spearpoint grind you normally see on model 14's with teeth. Only a few examples floating around.

I must add that a Cut Down Tang 14 or 15 is not available with teeth. Never has been. A few have slipped through the cracks for whatever reason.

Now we come to the brass "S" guard. You know this is virtually unobtanium. "S" guards would show up intermittently beginning in WWII, but was never a wholesale offering. Then beginning in the mid-late 1970's to early to mid 80's, there was a flurry of custom knives to include the Friedson Fighter, the Styers Special, and the Doler Special. The shop at that point made a few knives that borrowed from one or a couple of these three special order pieces, and sold them to the public.

Red and brass spacers bookend a Westinghouse Ivorite Border Patrol handle. The micarta is still basically in original "white" condition and has not yellowed. Don't see that too often.

On top is a brass crow's beak butt cap.

Special Johnson rough back Model "B" sheath.

This knife is something and one of a kind.