Very Rare CDT Model 14 with Special Grind

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Another unique Model 14 from the early late 1970's to 1980's "experimentation" period.

Product Details

Outstanding example from the end of an era, when Randall Made Knives was doing things outside of the box on with standard models.

With requests for a couple special models, the Friedson Fighter and the Styers Special, the shop took it upon themselves to produce a few of their own knives using some characteristics of the aforementioned custom knives.

This example borrows from the Freidson Fighter with a 5 1/2" sharpened top swedge on the stainless steel blade.

This CDT Model 14 sports a #1 style brass double hilt and brass butt with thong.

Brass and black spacers cap a beautiful stag handle on both ends.

The sheath is a back Maurice Johnson Model "C".

This knife is extremely rare, as only a handful were made, not to be seen again.