Model 5-5" Separate "S" with Westinghouse Ivorite Super Rare


Another great one here with Westinghouse Ivorite handle material!

Product Details

This is a superb example of a Model 5 with some great options.

Circa 1974, the blade is a separate "S", several years after the shop stopped stamping them in this fashion. I imagine there weren't too many orders for Model 5's with stainless steel blades, so this one was languishing in the shop for a few years and makes this a fairly rare knife. I don't recall seeing any separate "S" knives with Westinghouse handle material.

The blade is excellent and does show sharpening, but only on the edge, not up the blade. No problems here.

Oversized brass hilt, and a three thick two thin spacer arrangement of the period.

The handle has mellowed/aged to a much darker yellow/orange is it does when exposed to UV rays. Really a cool look and unique to this material.

The Johnson sheath has not had the keep snap installed and shows no use. Snap is included and shown in photo in throat of sheath.

The correct white stone in the pouch.

Good one here.