Circa 1970 Model 20 Yukon Skinner Separate "S" Stainless Steel


Nice Model 20 Yukon Skinner with a separate "S" in nice condition!! Helluva buy on a legit vintage piece.

Product Details

Circa 1970 Model 20 Yukon Skinner in really nice shape showing no real use but a patina from being 50+ years old.

The stainless steel blade shows no use, and in fantastic condition.

This particular knife is in standard configuration with a leather handle and a three thick two thin spacer arrangement of the day. Topped off with a duralumin butt cap and acorn nut.

Maurice Johnson tight stitch sheath with a white SP-13 Bear Brand stone in the pouch.

Overall a really nice vintage knife at an affordable price that won't break the bank.