Model 24 Guardian Variant


Very rare variation of the Model 24 Guardian

Product Details

This style of Guardian gained fame by being in the Rhett Stidham "green catalog" of former Randall dealer Jack Crider's collection that was for sale.

The knife is not actually a prototype as stated, but a variation made during the early 1980's when the shop was experimenting with various models in the line-up. The Guardian model was out several years prior to this style being made.

The text in the catalog states nine were made, but there is no supporting information to confirm that. In fact, when doing a bit of research on the knife, it seems the quantity of nine is attributed to Pete Hamilton, former shop foreman, and no one knows where he got that number from. I have seen three in 35 years outside of the shop, another one like this with Westinghouse Ivorite, and one with a Rosewood handle.