Rare Prototype Guardian One of Two Known


One of only two known examples of this prototype Guardian

Product Details

An extremely rare prototype from the developmental stages of a new model being considered in the late 1970's.

Break out your copy of Bob Gaddis' book and turn to page 238. In photo 99 at the top of the page you will see three prototypes. The knife to the right with the triangular shaped blade and Ivorite "fishtail" handle resides in the Randall Museum. It is the sister to the knife being offered here.

I have never seen this knife grind outside the example in the museum. its is unique and a window into the process of developing a new model. The finalized design is depicted on page 239 in photo 100.

Note in photo 99 that the example is the only one of the three prototypes that lack the "S" denoting stainless steel although it is a stainless blade. The knife being offered her is its sister and stainless but also lacks the "S" in the stamp.

This is a real piece of Randall history surely not to be found again.