Separate "S" Model 14


Great and scarce late Viet Nam War stainless steel model 14

Product Details

Model 14 circa 1972-73 model 14 with a separate "S". The blade is a few years earlier than the assembly date with the inclusive "S" stamp arriving in the shop in 1969. This blade found its way to the bottom of the bin to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes. It is unused and unsharpened.

The blade is near mint if the slightest signs of handling with no use or sharpening.

The brass hilt is of the day as is the black micarta handle with an unlined thong hole.

The excellent condition Maurice Johnson made rough back sheath is punched for rivets. Also it is waxed as evidenced by the "W" stamped above the Randall logo. Whomever ordered this knife was looking for durability, perhaps thinking he was going to Viet Nam.

The gold paracord ties also helps to date the knife and was only used for a very short period in the early 1970's.

An SP-13 Bear Brand stone is unused in the pouch.

This it a great example of a transition piece with an earlier blade for the collector.