Named Springfield Randall in Hunt's Book With Provenance


An extremely hard to come by Springfield that is actually attributed to a solider who served. This on is pictured in Hunt's "Randall Military Models".

Product Details

This is a gorgeous North Hampton Cutlery made Springfield fighter. This example is special on several fronts.

Most Springfield's have no name attributed to the blade and were an "off the shelf" item with any personalization done by the buyer, as it was not offered by Bill Larsen as a service unlike knives made in Orlando. This is one of those that was personalized by the owner his initials and service number embossed in gold on the toe of the sheath. Really cool stuff for a WWII knife.

The blade is 100% full and shows some very light sharpening but no real use, just a few scratches. It is in outstanding condition for a carried piece. All the original polish is evident.

It has the typical Northampton spacer arrangements at the hilt and the butt.

The brass hilt of the Springfield was always pretty nice in it's casting and feel. The typical butt and tang nut used by Bill Larsen are there as is the original wrist thong.

The Mosser sheath is solid with no issues and dyed black.

Pictured in Hunt's book "Randall Military Models", this Springfield also comes with some information about the soldier's - Morris M. Knepp -military service.