Super Rare Guardian-Model 2 Hybrid


A real oddball that is half Guaridan and half Model 2

Product Details

This knife is 100% shop made and has a 3 1/2" Mode 24 Guardian blade with a Model 2 hilt and handle, making for a handsome variant from the Randall shop. I don't recall seeing another outside of the museum.

The blade is of course stainless steel, but is 1/2" shorter than a standard guardian.

Where the Guardian has a reduced hilt, this knife has a Model 2 Stiletto style double hilt. It is made of nickel silver. The thick center spacer arrangement put this knife late 70's to early 80's.

The black micarta handle is the Model 2 Commando style.

The sheath is Safariland undercover style and has a metal clip on the reverse side.

A really great and very rare variation of an undercover concealment type knife in mint condition. Perhaps only one or two made.