Super Rare "S" Guard Hybrid


This is one rare bird.

Product Details

This knife is a homologation of a few knife designs, the Friedson Fighter, the Styer Special, and the Doler Special. All three of these designs were ordered through longtime Randall dealer Doug Kenefick.

All three designs were a variant of the model 14, with the Styer and Doler having a hump in the blade similar to the original 14/15 designed by Bo in the 1950's and later found on the Solingen blades. The Friedson however, was a bit different than the others with approximately 2/3 of elongated top bevel sharpened, and lacking a choil.

Only a handful of Mr. Friedson's design and the others were made, with the quantity of 6 seeming to be the total made in the late 1970's to early 80's. Upon making these 'special" designs, the shop had an idea to make a few of their own of similar construction with the long top bevel, some with stag and others with standard 14 finger grip micarta handles. We don't have an exact number, but it may be 10 or less.

The reason this is a "blend" of the designs, is this has a similar blade to the Friedson, but the "S" guard of the Styer and Doler models. This is a very rare configuration to come out of the sh0p during any era dating back to the 1940's.

This is a knife that comes from an time when Bo was still in the shop and was receptive to custom orders. Those days are long past, and this knife is part of the end of an era, probably the last truly "custom" knives to come out of the shop.

Near mint condition, with a few signs of handling. The Johnson sheath made for this knife evidenced by the angled throat cut to accommodate the "S" gaurd, is in equally nice condition.

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