Superb Tenite 14


Really nice condition Tenite Model 14

Product Details

This is a great knife. The overall condition is outstanding. This named blade is free of flaws. Everything is tight as it should be with little to no shrinkage of the tenite.

There is the Rockwell scale "hardness" test punch mark is visible on both sides of this particular blade. Not seen too often but done by the shop after a quantity of forgings to insure quality of the blades. This one passed!!!

The excellent Johnson riveted sheath is a little late for this knife. This knife should be in a split back, and I do not know what happened to the original. This sheath is the next best thing and what the shop would have provided if the original had been lost or ruined due to use and perhaps they did.

The knife is priced considering the sheath and is a fine example to get into a tenite 14 at a good price. If you want the knife alone, we can discuss pricing.