Transitional Model 18 Waxed Riveted Sheath


Mint condition Model 18 from the early 1970's. This is a transitional model that has the deep threadedcap and also the correct crutch-tip of the era. The crtuch-tip is marked 20/1. Some of these early transitional pieces were shipped with both a cap and crutch-tip. I believe this was shop policy for a short period upon the introduction of the screw cap. I do know these are extremely rare as I have seen only a few examples intact.

The mint blade is a 5 1/2" Solingen in stainless steel. It is etched with an "S" as well as "stainless" up the ricasso. The "smudge" in the logo photo is wax from the sheath.

Medium sized saw teeth are perfect.

The hilt and handle are as you would expect from this period and are in mint condtion with the hilt showing a nice patina.

The Maurice Johnson riveted sheath is absolutely fantastic and is the old style wax job - heavy duty! I think these older waxed sheaths really show the "industrial" way things used to be done. Although it will never be used for carry in SE Asia as intended, it would take anything you could throw at it and then some.

There is one of the original gold laces still with the sheath.

This is a superb example of a Viet-Nam era transition model 18.

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