Named U.S.M.C. Model 1 WWII Circa 1943



Product Details

One of the rarest WWII knives, a knife named etched to a Marine. I have only seen a handful in two plus decades. One thing you can count on, if named to a Marine, it has a 98% chance of seeing service in the Pacific Theater.

I have not done any research into Mr. Ricketts' military service history.

Blade is full, and is about 7 1/2" long, showing that early WWII blades don't always follow strict "standard" specs.

The blade shows signs of carry and use, and a smattering of small pits. What would you expect from that climate? In fact, all things considered, it is in more than excellent shape.

Thick solder job, thick brass hilt, and five thick spacers, one of the spacer stacks you find during the WWII period. A duralumin butt capped with a chain link - wrist thong, and a brass nut.

The sheath is a nice Southern Saddlery with everything intact at working properly. The stone pouch has been removed as was a common practice, particularly a knife carried by a Marine.

This is an outstanding example of a carried WWII model one.