Very Rare 13" Smithsonian Bowie


Another rare bird here!! This is a consignment piece, contact to discuss pricing.

Product Details

If the Smithsonian Bowie wasn't already a large and heavy knife, add another 2" over the standard length!!!

Great knife from the late 70's to early 80's. You won't find another one of these with your local RMK dealer!

This blade is huge, and made from 3/8" stock as is standard for the Smitty's. In as close to mint condition as you can get, it is an impressive piece.

Black micarta handle material of the day, and scalloped collar and coolie cap.

Something else that is different, there is s a brass escutcheon plate on each side of the handle. I don't recall seeing many if any like this.

The Maurice Johnson sheath is marked 12-13, so you know this was a custom sheath. It is also in minty condition.

I have also included a photo of the back of the sheath. Per the shop, it was written by long time employee Steve Johnson, who worked in the 14 room for 30 years and was also shop foreman for a period. Story is occasionally, he would quote Bo and sign the back of the sheath on a special knife, I guess kinda like having your secretary sign your name to a document. Note also it says the “second largest knife I ever made and the last one”, which I presume he is referencing the 15” Smithsonian in the Randall museum.

This is a consignment piece, so call or email.