Viet Nam Era Model 18 5.5" Solingen Stainless Waxed Riveted Sheath


Circa 1972-73 Stainless Steel Solingen Model 18 in Excellent Condition

Product Details

Great 5.5" Model 18 here. I can't say for certain this knife ever saw Viet Nam service, or any service for that matter, but it is certainly possible the way the knife is set up.

The stainless Solingen blade is in really, really nice condition showing evidence of light sharpening at the edge, but no real use. Nothing more than having been in and out of the sheath a few times.

The handle is wrapped in electrical tape, which seemed to be pretty common during this period with GI's, and it works very well.

The threads for the butt cap are deeeeeep into the handle, a sure sign of early production.

The riveted Maurice Johnson sheath is waxed. Apparently the original owner thought this knife would see some exposure to the elements and wanted it to last.

Overall this is a great war time package!

**patch not included, for display only