Viet Nam Carried 2-7 Riveted Sheath 101st ABn Trooper Photo Patches


Awesome carried 2-7 by 101 ABn trooper. Killer piece!!

Product Details

Pulled this one from deep in the vault!

Standard model 2, but that isn't where it ends. The provenance with this piece is some of the best I have ever had.

Overall the knife is in remarkable carried condition to include the Johnson riveted sheath. It was taken care of well for a knife that did at least two tours in Viet Nam. Showing evidence of some sharpening, but no pitting or similar flaws.

The blade shows some use and sharpening but is full with no issues. There is no spiders or pitting.

Double brass hilt and three thick two thin spacers of the period at the hilt.

Standard leather commando shape handle topped off with a duralumin but and stainless acorn nut.

The Maurice Johnson riveted model 2 sheath is solid with no issue at all and is in really fantastic condition for the duty it saw. It is marked in ink on the back of the sheath with the troopers name that I can only assume is in his hand.

The provenance is great to include a letter from the trooper's sister, a war trophy document (unfortunately the capture items were lost to time), real 101st Airborne "calling cards", and two original patches made in Viet Nam for the trooper. These came with the knife from his sister. The ephemera and patches to a militaria collector are alone of substantial monetary value.

One of the calling cards came from a eBay auction a couple of years after I acquired the knife from a friend of the troopers and he was named in the auction so it was a surprise when it showed up on eBay. Of course I hit is hard to get it. There is a copy of the auction from 2001, fifteen years ago!!!

To wrap it up it the photo, some of the most difficult provenance to acquire. While not what some may consider pleasant, it was a war against communist aggression, and the photo of Capt. Terbush with a couple of dead Viet Cong is part of the package. It appears to be a female the Capt. is posing with.