Mid 1960's Vintage Real Ward Gay Special


Original mid to late 60's Ward Gay

Product Details

Great piece here, an original Ward Gay Special

Blade is excellent plus and carbon steel.

Nickel silver hilt and seven spacers.

Now to the handle. These vintage Ward Gay Special handles are maybe the best handle design for a smaller field knife ever devised. This model started to lose the defining handle shape in the later 60's to early 70's of the slanted and rounded butt this example has, to a flatter butt. This happened towards the end of the distinct Ward Gay model run and was discontinued from the catalog when a model 20 with finger grips was the available option. The Ward Gay model was reintroduced in the last couple of years by Randall after a several decade absence.

Johnson rough back sheath is mint with correct combination crystolon stone.

Overall an outstanding example of a knife from a great period in the history of Randall Made Knives.