Named WWII Model 2-7" Clarence Moore Sheath


Really nice transitional model 2 with logo stamp on the blade, but this one has a thong hole. This is a rare bird.

Product Details

This WWI model 2 is relatively unique as one of the one a couple of model 2's from the period that exist I have seen like this. Early thong link blades are blade stamped and most later war examples with a thong hole are ricasso stamped. Note that I said most, but there are few that have the blade stamp and the thong hole such as this one, in essence a "transitional" model.

The named knife has a blued blade, done by the original owner. This is a very nice and full blade, shows some use and some light discoloration (no pitting) as one would think from an obviously carried piece. It remains in remarkable condition considering age and use exhibiting a wonderful patina.

The brass hilt is hand engraved with the owner's name and service branch, USN, and on the opposite side has a social security number that was either lightly etched or engraved.

Five medium thick spacers of the period separate the hilt from the "cigar shaped" leather handle. Solid Duralumin butt topped by a brass nut and washer round out the package.

The Clarence Moore sheath is solid with everything in good working order. It obviously shows carry also, mating up perfectly to the condition of the knife. It is a testament to Moore's work and the durability of his sheaths, that after service in a war many decades ago, it still in very nice serviceable condition. The only "flaw" is a small cut and a small piece of leather about the size of a pencil eraser missing from the keeper but in no way decreases the function of the strap. For a knife/sheath that has seen combat in some form, it is a non-issue.

The stone pouch has the original and correct Soft Arkansas stone in the pouch with the sticker intact.

This is a fine example of a named and carried WWII model 2 that would enhance any collection.