WWII Model 1- 7" Excellent with Provenance Named


Excellent mid war model 1-7 That belonged to a man in the US Navy with great provenance. Blade is name etched.

Product Details

This is a great example of a named 1944 WWII fighter with a 7" blade. The knife remains in unused unsharpened condition. I does show some light staining in a few spots. This blade grind has the classic "hump" of the period. The original blade grind and polish are of course present.

** Note: when photographing the knife I neglected to remove the Ren Wax, so the blade appears dull. It is not, just the wax.

A five medium thick spacer arrangement is solid with no issues butts up to the brass hilt of the period. The leather handle is solid and it capped by a duralumin butt with a chamfered wrist thong hole. This is topped by a brass nut and washer.

The black Southern Saddlery sheath is also basically in unused condition. These sheaths in 7" version are scarcer that 8" versions. The stone pouch has some loose stitching.

There is an unused Lily White Washita stone in the pouch.

The provenance includes a FOIA search of the records which shows all military connected service, a paper about the ship he was assigned to, and the best is a great lletter from the owner's nephew.

Overall this is a fantastic example of a mid war fighter with excellent provenance which always adds to the "authenticity" of a knife.