WWII Model 1 VL&A Sheath


Available for your consideration is the knife that confirmed that Bo Randall supplied knives only to VL&A in Chicago during WWII, and VL&A supplied Marble's style sheaths with these knives.

**More about this particular knife and the RMK- VL&A story can be found in "The Randall Collector" archives page on this site.

The provenance is a great letter from Mr. Ganek describing his purchase of the knife, addresses the "detailing" (tooling) to the sheath, his duty and service to include flying B-24 Liberator and B-25 bombers.

Also included is a copy of his promotion to 2nd Lt., a roster of his unit, and some WWII vintage photos. One photo of him in dress uniform and the other of a B-24 out of the cockpit.

This knife is in as fine of condition I have ever seen a WWII vintage knife and a true piece of history purchased from the original owner!!!

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