Gorgeous Double Pinned Stag Hunter 1945-46


Check this baby out!! Seldom does one get the opportunity to own a double pin Randall at a price that is a steal. You may never see another, particularly in this condition, available again. Get this one before I change my mind and bury it back in the safe!!

Product Details

You want rare? Here it is. A gorgeous end of WWII vintage two pin stag Hunter!

You would naturally think that a two pin example would be made prior to a single pin example. Two pins are obviously a hold over from the pre-war period, but I think Bo determined sometime later in the war or just post war that a single pin was sufficient. Probably when more Hunter models, or the new models 3 and 4, started being made.

This knife is in exceptional condition being struck with the small RMK stamp. The 5 3/16" length blade is beautiful with the "three and half grind", a term coined by Pete Hamilton.

The smaller brass hilt is typical for the period on a smaller blade.

Seven spacers separate the handle and the abbreviated hilt.

The gorgeous stag handle is near mint with a nice glossy shop finish. It exhibits the cut back butt found on early stag handles of the period. Simply as good as it gets.

The left hand riveted Heiser sheath is in near mint condition. Marked "6" on the reverse.

Unused Soft Arkansas stone resides in the pouch.

This knife come with official authentication.