The Randall Collector

Collecting: Standard vs. Oddities

A sale of a Randall and the ensuing conversation with the purchasing collector brought something to my attention that I had never really given too much thought. It was regarding perspectives of different individuals when it comes to selecting a Randall knife for their collection. I just hadn’t taken too much notice of how others may view the same knife and how that view may...

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A Randall Sheath Footnote Part II

My “Johnson Sheath Footnote” article in the last issue of the newsletter got a lot of conversation going on the Johnson brown button sheath “mystery”. I received many emails and several phone calls from collectors wanting to discuss the subject and give me their opinions, but mostly to...

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A Johnson Sheath Footnote

An interesting anecdote to the model 4 in the previous Brown Micarta article is the sheath marked 1960. It is a Johnson brown button with a horizontal logo, allegedly one of Johnson’s earliest. This should help end the speculation that Johnson did in fact make sheaths possibly as early as...

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