Brassback Sportsman Bowie Smokin' Sheath


Outstanding Brassback Sprotsman Bowie with a Smoking Sheath.

Product Details

This one took some time to figure out.

The knife appears to be from the mid 1950's with a rare choil cut on the blade. Generally only the earliest of this model had that.

This also has has brazed lugs on the hilt.

the five medium thick spacer arrangement from the 1940's reappeared for a short time in the mid 1950's and possibly towards the end of the 1950's but only on the Bowie line.

In any case, this is a real nice knife with early traits.

Now to the sheath. It is an HKL with no hone AND no keeper strap. You read that correctly, It was made without either. I don't recall ever seeing a vintage sheath made without a keeper.

I am not sure, but this knife could have been made for display and the sheath ordered later, or, it was made later than I think, but it has early traits.

In any case, this is one cool Bowie with a very rare sheath.