Welcome to rmkcollector.com, and at the request of and with the support of Randall Made© Knives in Orlando, you find the home of the official Randall Historian and Authenticator. While this will primarily be an information based site for the Randall Made© Knives collector focusing on “The History of the Man and the Blades”, we will occasionally offer items for sale as well. We are always looking for interesting pieces to add to our collection and study, with a particular interest in items with provenance. We also have many resources at our disposal to help you find that piece you may be looking for to add to your own collection.  

Collectors new and old are looking for a place to continue the quest for knowledge to help them in making informed decisions when acquiring a piece for their collection, and to participate in better discussions with fellow collectors when debating the nuances of an interesting Randall Made© knife. Assisting the collector in accomplishing those tasks is our goal.

Every effort will be made to present accurate information to the Randall Made© Knife collector via articles/essays supported by research and accompanying provenance when available. With this new site, I will now able to publish articles electronically as there is no longer a hard copy source to do so. I have several older ones to add and several new ones as well. My plan is to do them quarterly, but I may do more depending on time. There is an archive of previously published articles in “The Randall Collector” and “Knives of Collector Interest”, accessible in the header of the home page. Also I want to note under “Randall Resources“, you will find the RKS Newsletters, Randall Catalogs, and magazine/newspaper articles,  listed chronologically to make a search a bit easier. So, make sure when searching to check out each item in any given year. The “Randall Knife Reviews” pages offer a nice historical photo reference and short description of some outstanding rare, unique, and one of a kind Randall Made© Knives. You will also find interesting items in the “Photos” section.

We have to bear in mind that while the study of Randall Made© Knives is not always an exact science and does not always yield clear answers to questions, extrapolation of research data will most often allow us to come to reasonable conclusions. This hobby and the information available to the collector has come a long way in the last 30 or so years, but there is still more to discuss and questions to answer.

We are actively buying collections from one to one hundred or more pieces, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your privacy is paramount, so discreetness is the word of the day. Highest prices paid, so check with us last.


The subject covered here is something near and dear to my heart – provenance. Provenance gives “life to the knife”. We have all seen claims of carry in just about every theater of war you can imagine. I am surprised we haven’t seen a claim of a Randall carried in the…

A Randall “Trench” Knife

Apr 22, 2012 admin After WWII ended, the sales of knives for Randall dropped dramatically,

Owen Perron’s Brown

Owen Perron spent some time as an advisor early in the Viet Nam war. He carried a brown micarta

Awesome “Wide Blade”

An extremely rare 8″ WWII Vintage Wide Blade Stiletto

Circa 1970 Model 20 Yukon Skinner

Nice Model 20 Yukon Skinner with a separate “S”