WWII Model 2- 7" Moore Sheath Circa 1944


Really nice condition and very rare WWII Model 2 with a seven inch blade. Estimated to be only 10% or less of Randall Made Knives total WWII production! Get into a WWII model 2 at a decent price!!

Product Details

This is a great example for the collector of a circa 1944 WWII Randall Model 2 that was carried in theater. Pretty hard to come by and missing from most collections.

The blade shows some light use but appears to be unsharpened. It has a couple very minor stains. The blade is full has a very attractive grind. The RMK logo is on the ricasso, probably made not long after the switch was made from being stamped on the blade.

Brass guard of the period with five medium thick spacers.

The leather handle is in great condition with no issues, topped by a duralumin butt with brass nut and washer.

Original leather thong is intact and good shape for a 73 year old knife.

The Moore sheath is very solid, a testament to the Moore quality. It is missing the stone pouch which was not uncommon to have been removed during WWII. It is also missing the keeper, but that could be replaced using a similar snap.

Overall this knife presents well for a theater carried piece, and is nine times less likely to be encountered than a model one from the same period. It would be a fine addition to any collection.