Rare 10" Sheffield-Randall IXL Bowie


Unique Randall Made and Sheffield of England collaboration

Product Details

Bo Randall began assembling other maker's blades in the late 1930's. These knives were primarily carving knives. Occasionally throughout Randall history, the shop would handle a knife on a very limited basis.

Sheffield supplied blades primarily during the Viet Nam war, with most being 6" or 8" versions. Not many were made of all sizes, but the 10" version is far and away the least encountered, with only a handful made.

The blade is in overall excellent condition showing a couple of 'freckles' and a couple minor "sheath insertion' scratches that can only be seen in the right light, but shows no use or sharpening.

Large lugged brass hilt as found on Randall Bowies.

The decorative flanged scalloped brass collar and butt really show the handcrafted work from the shop during that time, and are separated from the Walnut handle by a single black spacer. A brass nutt caps it off.

A Sheffield supplied sheath rounds out the package.

This is really a neat piece and the end of an era where RMK would occasionally handle other maker's blades.