Solingen Model 14 Stainless Waxed


Rally nice 1960's Solingen 14 with Waxed Riveted Sheath

Product Details

I owned this knife about 15 years ago I guess it was, and it came back to me. This knife was a carried piece.

The Stainless blade is full with signs of light use. It is etched with the Randall/Solingen logo with an "S" to the side, and also there are signs of the "stainless" marking done in Germany. The blade has what appears to be a minor forging flaw on the obverse side down by the edge but does not detract from the blade.

I believe this knife is from the mid 1960's due to the shape of the finger grips, which are "softer" than later knives. Handle is full and very comfortable.

The unlined thong hole has an original paracord thong.

The Maurice Johnson waxed sheath is a killer and exhibits the heavy waxing intended for use in Southeast Asia, i.e., the Viet Nam War. I don't have any evidence to support it, but I think this piece was carried in theater. This old waxing makes the sheath very stiff, not unlike a piece of wood. Very durable.

Overall a nice example