Unobtanium Bo Randall Made Miniature


Only one I have ever seen outside of the Randall Museum. Comes with official Randall Made Knives authentication.

Product Details

This knife is unobtanium. Not only myself, but I contacted several other collectors and dealers, and this is the only Bo Randall Made miniature anyone knew about that wasn't embedded in a lucite block or in the Randall museum. I have never heard of or seen another in 30 plus years. This used to belong to Rhett. It is pictured in Wickersham's book on page 222.

This thing is different than later miniatures, probably because it was made by the patriarch of Randall Made Knives, and it has a different "look" to it. Hard to put my finger on it, but it is cool.

Smithsonian Bowie with lugged hilt and pinned stag. The blade is 2 11/16" long. The handle including hilt is 2 1/16" long. Awesome.

Even the spacers representing 5 medium thick are accurate!

Also, it has a facsimile of the RMK logo Bo scratched into the blade by hand. It represents the logo with scimitars, it does not actually say Randall Made Knives Orlando, it is too small. Nevertheless, Bo's personal touch.

If you want to be the only guy on the block that I can assure you will have something no one else does, this is it.

The Bo Randall miniature will come with official authentication.